Display a brief helper text to your user



Name Description Type Values Default
type Type (color) of the tooltip, optional String is-white, is-black, is-light, is-dark, is-primary, is-info, is-success, is-warning, is-danger, and any other colors you've set in the $colors list on Sass is-primary
active Whether tooltip is active or not, optional Boolean true
label Tooltip text String
position Tooltip position in relation to the element, optional String is-top, is-bottom, is-top-left, is-top-right, is-bottom-left, is-bottom-right is-top
always Tooltip will be always active, optional Boolean false
animated Tooltip will have a little fade animation, optional Boolean false
square Tooltip will be square (not rounded corners), optional Boolean false
dashed Tooltip slot will have a dashed underline, optional Boolean false
multilined Tooltip will be multilined, optional Boolean false
size Tooltip multiline size (only works for multilined tooltips), optional Boolean is-small, is-medium, is-large is-medium