User input controls

Mostly just wraps <input> and <textarea> so additional Bulma features can be bound easily.


Types and colors

Wrap with Field for additional features


Invalid email

Username available

States, plus more styles





Name Description Type Values Default
value Binding value, optional String, Number
type Input type, or textarea, optional String Any native type, textarea text
size Size of input, optional String is-small, is-medium, is-large
expanded Makes input full-width when inside a grouped or addon field boolean false
passwordReveal Show the password reveal toggle button boolean false
maxlength Set input maxlength and show a counter, optional Number
hasCounter Show the character counter when maxlength is set, optional boolean true
loading Show loading indicator, optional boolean false
icon Show this icon on left side of input, optional String
iconPack Fontawesome icon pack to use. By default the Icon component uses fas, optional String fas, fab, etc...
disabled Input is disabled, optional boolean false