User alerts, promps, and confirmation dialogs

Alert and Dialog

Use Dialog.alert() and Dialog.confirm() to create these kinds of dialogs. The methods return a promise that is resolved when the user cancels or confirms the alert. If the use closes/cancels the value will be false. If the user clicks the confirm button the value will be true. The first argument can either be an object of options or a string to use as the message.



Use Dialog.prompt() to programmatically create prompts for user input. By default the dialog will be created with a required text input. You can control the props (attributes) on the prompt with the inputProps prop. prompt() returns a promise that will be resolved with the prompt input value if the user confirms, or null if they cancel/close.



Name Description Type Values Default
message Show a header on the dialog with this text, optional String
message Text or html message for this dialog String
confirmText Text to show on the confirmation button, optional String OK
cancelText Text to show on the cancel button, optional String Cancel
focusOn Focus on confirm or cancel button when dialog opens, optional String confirm, cancel confirm
icon Show this icon on left-side of dialog. It will use the color from type, optional String
iconPack Fontawesome icon pack to use. By default the Icon component uses fas, optional String fas, fab, etc...
hasInput Show an input field, optional Boolean false
showCancel Show the cancel button. True for confirm(), optional Boolean false
size Dialog's size, optional String is-small, is-medium, is-large
type Type (color) to use on confirm button and icon, optional String is-white, is-black, is-light, is-dark, is-primary, is-info, is-success, is-warning, is-danger is-primary
animation Animation to use when showing dialog, optional String, function Any transition name that ships with Svelte, or a custom function scale
animProps Props to pass to animation function, optional Object { start: 1.2 }
inputProps Props (attributes) to use to on prompt input element, optional Object